Black Jack Boots for every age

The Black Jack company has gained in the supremacy in producing the finest handmade boots since the year 1996. The company is producing a wide range of handmade boots along with belts and accessories that are the results of the combined experience of boot making and pride over 200 years. The Black jack Boots has becomes the world famous brand for boots as these boots are manufactured in a long selected procedure that starts with the choice of the best quality leathers and followed by the 100 steps of boot making procedures. The brand is world famous for its reputation about the boots’ fitting, comfort, style and durability. Not only these, the company’s top management and sales team earnestly work hard to reach the top position in the boot making industry.

The brand Black Jack ensures their top position in the industry for taking the effort for producing the optimum handmade boots, belts and other accessories. The specialty of the Black Jack boots is its best exotic smooth leathers that are hand-picked. These have been used to manufacture the special designer boots that are highly impressive with their vamps, heel foxing and tops. The brand produces its special boots by using Shanandoah calf along with cream cow lining and only leather side piping and seam. Most of the boots’ soles are designed as a durable 10-iron outsole, 9-inch insole and 4-inch welt. For manufacturing these boots, 5-inch, 16 gauge double ribbed steel shanks are used. The company is offering the lifetime support with the best side bended available leather which is secured by sixty lemon wood pegs. The boot makers are using premium quality side bending leather for the heel counters along with solid leather stacked heels.

Some of these boots feature a polished tan caiman belly foot with square toe leather insole and leather outsole. These boots are generally made of 11″ brown maddog goat upper and doubly stitched welt and 11/4″ heel. The exquisitely hand tooled boots are so impressive because of the remarkable unique designs for hand tooled foot and the sleek shaft. The boots are well known for its thorough hand crafted techniques.

Another kind of Black Jack Square toe boots are smooth ostrich western boots. These boots have the specialty of black ostrich leather with extremely soft feel. This provides a unique “lived-in” classic look. You will find the special appearance of buttery soft “thoroughbred cowhide” top leather, a square toe, and a double-stitched welt made of full leather. Its hand pegged outsole adds durability to the products.

Black Jack square toe boots are world famous for its smooth fitting, outstanding comfort, super cool design and great feeling. All the handmade techniques make every boot different from each other that surely draw the attraction of other people. People who will buy these boots will definitely take pride of their products as the boots will surely raise their style along with their status.

There are several online sites that are selling these Black Jack square toe boots. One such online shop is the Outback Western Wear. When just adding a unique boot to your dressing will make your presence impressive, why should not you enrich your boot collection with Black jack square toe boots?

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